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    New Release:

  Midnight Rose by Wendy Buonaventura


Wendy Buonaventura

“She was the Marilyn Monroe of my youth” – Sir Herbert Read

Midnight Rose is based on the life of Edwardian dancer Maud Allan, who performed as the Bible's most infamous temptress and paid the price for embodying men's worst nightmares about women. Allan’s Vision of Salome made her a celebrity, though the dance profession in those days was considered only a step above prostitution. In 1918 a newspaper article The Cult of the Clitoris hinted that she was a lesbian and Allan sued for libel. The trial that followed threw a searchlight on the social hypocrisies and sexual ignorance of the age, as self-appointed guardians of public morality lined up to attack one of the most infamous women of her day. ISBN # 978-1-898495-07-9

£11.95 + P&P  

Midnight Rose


  Now in Reprint:
  Flute of Sand by Lawrence Morgan FLUTE OF SAND

Lawrence Morgan

During the 1950s Lawrence Morgan lived in the Algerian oasis of Bou Saada. He came to know the celebrated tribe of female dancers, the Ouled Nail, who had been immortalised in the 19th century by Orientalist artists and writers. This charming account of the time he spent as their confidant uncovers their bold nature, intrigues and secret language. Out of print for many years, this is a facsimile of the original 1956 edition. ISBN # 1 898495 06 8

£7.50 + P&P  

Flute of Sand

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  Midnight Rose by Wendy BuonaventuraFlute of Sand by Lawrence Morgan MIDNIGHT ROSE & FLUTE OF SAND

£11.95 + £7.50 + P&P

Midnight Rose & Flute of Sand


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